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2009 GLVWG Awards Categories

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 GLVWG, a nonprofit association of writers, underwrite and present the following annual awards:

  • Fiction – book length (includes YA)

  • Nonfiction – book length

  • Children’s book – fiction

  • Children’s book – nonfiction

  • The Jack Cole Award for Best Essay (includes blogs)

  • Novellas, Short Stories, and Anthology

  • Journalism (consumer newsletters, newspapers, and magazines)

  • Poetry (individual poems)

  • Plays Screenplays, and TV Scripts

Depending upon entries received, the addition of a separate category may be warranted as determined by our panel of preliminary judges. Categories may also be combined as determined by the judges.  


Lifetime Achievement Award
(not necessarily given every year)

 GLVWG’s Lifetime Achievement Award will honor a GLVWG member who has demonstrated dedicated support and consistent involvement within the organization for a period of at least five years.

GLVWG’s Lifetime Achievement Award must be nominated by at least three people using the current year award application.

Lifetime Achievement Award winners will not be eligible for an achievement award the following award year.

The casting of ballots will be done electronically. (More to follow on the specifics of how the voting will be tabulated.)

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