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 Talent Tables

Starting in September!

What the heck are Talent Tables?

One of the benefits of having a group like GLVWG is that we have so many talented people. Unfortunately, the way our meetings are structured we don’t always have time to network and share those talents with each other. But in September things will be different.

At our September meeting the focus will be on networking. [Look for a postcard arriving in your mail box with info about the morning program and afternoon workshop.] Also, we will put our money/time where our mouths are—we will put aside 20 minutes to network via Talent Tables.

What’s a Talent Table? It’s a place to go to share your talent (or to glean talent from someone else). You can offer (or seek) writing-related advice or services.

The Talent Tables are grouped by topic. If all goes well, we can have these Talent Tables periodically and switch up topics based on what the group asks for ahead of time. (We need to be sure we have an expert to facilitate each of those tables.)

For September we plan to have a table devoted to craft (writing, editing, plotting—I know, it covers a broad area); a table devoted to publishing/marketing (any Wordpress/Facebook experts out there? Create Space gurus? Writing coaches?); and a table devoted to the writing life (keeping your life balanced, getting and/or staying organized; where to look for ideas—any life coaches out there?)


Future Talent Tables may include:

Illustration (this could include cover design, picture books, bookmarks, etc.)

Memoir Writing (how to get started, what good books to read for examples, where to market your story)

Article Writing (how to get ideas, how to submit, how to get started)

Short Stories (where to submit, how it differs from novel writing, types of short stories)

And of course, we’re always open to ideas. Remember, GLVWG is here to serve our members and meet their needs. But we need to know what those needs are. Feedback is always welcome. So are volunteers.

Thanks for your time and I hope to see you at the September meeting!

Donna Brennan





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