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Rachel Thompson 


 As a freelance writer, Thompson has written over 200 newspaper and magazine articles since 2003 for local and national publications. Her Construction Guru and Artists Muse columns appeared in Lehigh Valley News Group newspapers for two years along with her news journalism and cartoons. Thompson has published many political and joke cartoons throughout her life.  Thompson’s political editorials have appeared widely in the north east beginning in 1997 and she continues to write social and political commentaries. She wrote several different columns for various GLBT magazines until 2004. She had written articles and columns for human rights organization publications and newsletters such as Amnesty International, PFLAG, Pride, SPARC and others from the late 90s into the 2000s. Thompson has also written PR copy, co-authored reports, and pamphlets for local and national human rights organizations. Thompson recently finished a young adult fantasy novel entitled, Of Mars and Men and she is shopping it now.  Since 2004 she has written 30 short stories. Prior to 1995 Thompson published two short stories along with trade publication articles related to construction. Her nonfiction proposal, “What Contractors Don’t Want You to Know,” is now under reconstruction. 

                                          Of Mars and Men

                                        By Rachel C. Thompson


The Golden Dragon, Mars Hammertail, was born to rule but through human treachery he loses his fire and his ability to lead the dragon race away from destruction. Mars must restore his fire, find his confidence, and gain the wisdom to guide dragon-kind away from their long-time allies, the people of Vineland, before the turn of the Age. Told primarily through the dragon’s perspective, this 110 K word epic YA high fantasy, Of Mars and Men, illuminates the end of the last magical age showcasing the people, dragons, and mythical creatures that changed history. Dragons were once the benevolent mentors of humanity until the rise of human domination laid low the dragons blessings. Mars is the hope of dragon survival but will he return in time with the skills he needs to save his diminishing race?



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